DC Fawcett Real Estate Tips – Attractive Marketing Strategies For Vacation Rental Owners

As a vacation homeowner what is your main task? You would be focusing on garnering bookings for your vacation property. DC Fawcett tips says Besides, maintaining a vacation home is costly, and even for this, just like any other business, you require money .


Well, now the question is how you can promote your vacation home so that you can be well-equipped and will get bookings. You can promote your vacation rentals so that you get more bookings through the following ways:

  • A good property manager will be in a position to offer you with bookings. Ensure that you pose questions to property managers about bookings. Here then, the booking should be consistent.

  • An appealing title will draw the attention of the vacationers to a great extent. Use unique titles and don’t use commonly used ones.

  • Just like the attractive title you can also present the distinct facet of the listing. There may be chances that the lake has some specialty; here then you can highlight on that.

  • Photos go a long way in establishing the attractiveness of your profile. The travelers will be inclined towards your profile if your photos are exceptional. Lighting plays an important role in the quality of the photos. Don’t give up on an ordinary camera but see to it that the photos of the property are taken through high resolution camera.
  • When you are responding to the queries in a quick manner the possibility of the traveler opting for your property is more.

As far as the luxury sector is concerned you need to ensure that you take the necessary steps to provide great experience to the guests. In this regard, you need to exercise due diligence.

  • Make sure that both the interior and exterior areas are well-defined. Keep note of the fact that people who are interested in luxury travel will observe even the minute information. Unclean walls etc, will not be taken lightly by the luxury travelers.

  • Anything that has a user manual will be useful. Here too, you can have a clear and comprehensive user guide. Certain things may be easy to you but it will be a complex task to the travelers. So ensure that you guide the travelers in the right manner. You can also let the guests know about the attractions in the nearby areas.

  • You can use not only photos but also walkthroughs to help people gain correct idea of the area.

  • And make sure that everything is working in the right way. Certain thing like whether the wifi can be connected must be considered. You should also keep record of a maintenance checklist as and when the guests leave the rental. The windows, the fans, the furnace etc. can also be checked for good functioning. In fact, even the minute details are important in a luxury vacation rental.

  • You should set a service level that will be useful to the clients. In fact, several things should be considered while promoting your luxury vacation rental on an online basis.

  • You should not only have a website but also a blog page to market your luxury vacation rental online. You can hire the services of a professional to carry this out.

  • When you are marketing your property you can make use of several online platforms. You can contemplate on making use of social media.


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DC Fawcett Real Estate – How to market your home successfully



DC Fawcett, a popular real estate investor and instructor, explains ways to market your home in an effective manner. You will read this article on “How to market your home successfully’ as analyzed by DC Fawcett.

There are many channels through which you can market your home. You have the internet, newspapers, magazines and others. So you have to put these to effective use. You cannot market your home by just putting a “For Sale” sign on your gate or running an advertisement in the local newspaper. The main aim of marketing your home should be to gain maximum exposure. This exposure will increase prospective buyers for your home. This in turn will result in multiple offers which will fetch the highest price. You have to discuss your marketing strategy with a real estate agent. The best marketing technique is to run a promotional blitz as soon as your home hits the marketplace. Now you will see the most important things that a real estate agent must include in his promotional blitz as analyzed by DC Fawcett.

Dc Fawcett Reviews – Printed materials

Printed materials can be in the form of brochures, handouts, postcards and others. These can be handed over to the buyer. These materials must be made attractive and they should tempt the buyer persona to book your home immediately. You must hand out copies that sell.

Multiple listing service

List your home on the multiple listing service. It must include all the features of your home in detail. It can hold hundreds of fields of information about your home. Many people subscribe to the MLS since it gives information about all homes on sale by all participating brokers. So putting your home on it will gain considerable advertisement for your home.

Virtual tour on the internet

The internet disseminates information easily. You can create a webpage for your home on the internet. Highlight the outstanding features of your home. This will improve the pool of future buyers.

Post your advertisement on potential websites

You can post advertisements on web pages like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Zillow, your agency’s company website and others. These websites have millions of viewers. This will surely tap latent buyers.

Agent tour

An agent tour can be conducted on the first week in the market. You can get your agent to bring interested people and tour your home.

Newspaper and Magazines

This is the oldest yet most popular form of marketing. You can put advertisements of your home on the newspaper and magazine.


These marketing strategies can be very productive if done properly. But the first step to apply these marketing strategies will be to stage your home. Home staging is done to make the property enticing and appealing to increase future buyers and make sure that it sells fast. You can use arts, carpets, painting, greenery, accessories and others for optimization of staging. The final element of marketing strategy is to keep abreast with recent sales and comparable listings. You can refine your marketing technique accordingly to fetch the best results.