Low-Cost Curb Appeal Ideas to Help You Get More for Your Selling House

When you’re trying to sell your property in Sacramento, you want every potential buyer to come in and instantly fall in love with it based on their first impression. Let’s look at some low-cost curb appeal ideas to help you get more for your house in Sacramento so we can do everything we can to make that dream a reality.

Freshen up Your Landscaping

For most of us, the majority of our exterior is composed of rudimentary landscaping that can be cared for easily with just a bit of time and effort.

When you know there will be a showing or open Sacramento house, the key to retaining your lawn’s existing curb appeal is to keep it freshly manicured. Aside from the grass essentials, keep bushes trimmed back from walkways and re-mulch older planting areas to give them new vitality.

An inexpensive potted plant on porches or decks can fix up those areas if they are feeling a little sparse.

Make Everything Squeaky Clean

There’s a secret weapon that will make a lot of your exterior cleaning easy as pie: a pressure washer.

Get a pressure washer and clean the exterior siding, driveways, walks, gutters, and any porches or decks you might have. If you’re going to use the pressure washer, be careful not to go too far with your spray nozzle and end up with stripped paint or other materials unless you’ve already planned to fix them.

Use proper cleaning chemicals for the materials you’re cleaning to give your pressure washing a little more cleaning power. Read the cleaning solution instructions carefully and heed any cautions regarding potential damage to other materials or plant life.

Break out the Paint

Repainting in neutral tones is one of the most typical tips for repairing the inside of a Sacramento home. The same may be true for a home’s exterior, however you aren’t confined to neutral tones in this situation.

Consider the colour palette on show on the outside of your home, choose something that needs to be repainted – such as a door or shutters – and then spend some time thinking about your new colour possibilities and how they will complement your home’s existing hues.

While the front door and window shutters are great candidates for this, you could also choose to repaint or stain any wooden decking or fencing material on your property to pull everything together.


Curb Appeal Ideas to Help You Get More for Your Selling House


Create an Area to Socialize

Selling your house is a mixture of marketing, pricing, and leaning into hot trends such as easy curb appeal ideas.

Having an outdoor area to rest or entertain visitors is very much back in style in this scenario. The simplest way to do so is to get some low-cost patio furniture and place it on a porch or patio with enough area to accommodate it.

Extra points if you already have a fire pit that can be included in the creation or sprucing up of your entertainment area.

Additional Little Touches

With the bigger ticket items out of the way, paying some attention to the smaller bits and bobs around your property will make sure no detail creates a sticking point.

Cleaning the outside of your windows with a good glass cleaner may make a huge impact, not just when gazing out the window but also while looking out the window from within your house. Cleaning light fixtures and your mailbox will also help to maintain things in good shape.

Last but not least, a key piece that adds a tremendous amount of atmosphere is installing solar-powered walkway lighting.

More Low-Cost Curb Appeal Ideas from Our Pros

If you’re looking for more low-cost curb appeal ideas to make your Sacramento home stand out, contact our team of professionals today.


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