Dc Fawcett Real Estate-Quick home selling with modular kitchen


We have analyzed that kitchen plays a major role during home inspection and the home is sold easily when it designed perfectly satisfying all the requirements of a modern family.


DC Fawcett Real Estate reviews will help the sellers to design a modular kitchen which would add a stylish appeal to the entire outlook of the home.

Dc Fawcett Real Estate – Design ideas

  • Open shelves will attract the buyers than a closed one. This will also give a larger look in case your kitchen looks small. Silver laminated edges add richness to entire kitchen. The drawers and hinges should not be noisy when you use them, replace them with soft hinges and glides.

  • Lighting: apart from the color of the food, the room needs to be bright when you cook. Add ceiling light and under cabinets. If it is too bright, use dimmers. Add metallic laminate finish to appliances, hardware and faucet.

Home Selling

  • Deep sinks with high arc faucet is easy to wash the vessels.
  • You can add storage units to store grains, beer and drinks.
  • You can add space for it with black chalkboard paint. It is easy when you label your canisters. Pickles, jam other food items are stored in jars. So create open shelves for them.

  • You need to walk on a smooth flooring right, Opt for timber colors. Windows treatment is important ensuring privacy and ample light to peek through while you cook in daylight. Choose contrasting or complimentary shade for your countertops.

  • There can be theme based kitchen like farmhouse where brown shades dominate the kitchen blended with white here and there. Island theme is adding desk and a table to your kitchen with beige colors.

  • Marble tiles and mosaic flooring never fades out from a fashionable kitchen when designed with silver hardware. You can add furniture like pastel colored stools. Make space for micro wave oven above the cabinet.

 Advantages of modular kitchen while selling your home

  • Energy efficient homes are much preferred by buyers, so install appliances and utilities that save energy.

  • Paint the walls, ceilings and cabinet so it looks fresh when a buyer enters your kitchen.

Drawbacks of modular kitchen

  • Less flexibility in design and layout
  • Resale value, you need to think whether you would be able to acquire all the money you have spent on modeling when you resale the property.

  • When you work more on kitchen modeling, you may need high mortgage loan to suffice it.
  • This may not suit if there are children who make the entire kitchen dirty.

Scam may happen in such a way that the owner may add all his kitchen modeling expenses to the asking price when he sells the property; this is not the right way. Enquire the market value and compare with his asking price.


Investors, who want to know more about kitchen modeling, visit DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club.  DC Fawcett   also preaches virtual wholesaling to his investors where no money is required and investors find it safe.



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